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Tue, Dec 01
CLICK CLUB Conversation: Saskatchewan Book by George Webber with special guests from Rocky Mountain Books
SEITIES is very excited to have GEORGE WEBBER discuss and share the release of his much acclaimed SASKATCHEWAN BOOK. We are welcoming George and his team at RMB | Rocky Mountain Books to share a short presentation and discussion on their latest project together, what it takes to get a book developed


to expose and support international and national artists who work with traditional methods of production in photography


to encourage a resurgence and revival of traditional photography as an art form through art collaborations, promotion, sales, workshops and educational opportunities.


to empower emerging artists and facilitate self expression through traditional photography practices




Kirsten White


Sanja Lukac


SEITIES was created by the coming together of professional and novice photographers. Kirsten and Sanja both share a love for analogue photography methods, the artistic process that is often forgotten or being taken over with digital practices.

We wanted to create a community space where we could provide a place for all photographers to explore this art form, no matter where they are in terms of expertise. A place where a novice can connect with a professional and not feel intimidated. Where the professional can find the community to empower themselves and grow in their careers. 

So you may just be starting, going back to, or an expert who's ready to share and SEITIES welcomes everyone who's interested in photography and the traditional methods of creating this art.

Read more about Kirsten and Sanja HERE


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