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September 18th 2021 CLICK CLUB Tintype Workshop with Rainika Photo Graphik

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Learn about and explore the Tintype Process with Rainika Photographik.

SEITIES is very excited to have Rainika PhotoGraphik back for a formal tintype workshop virtually to walk us through the Tintype Process.

Tekoa Predika and Michelle Rainey share a passion of all things analogue and in addition to the pop-up tintypes studio at the SEITIES Publication launch events they have done many tintype parlours, events, markets, and festivals in and around Calgary, AB and Creston, BC, Canada. Their Artist talk will be followed by an Audience Q&A.

All Zoom Information will emailed to you once you RSVP below. **Please check your spam folders as this email notification sometimes gets missed. ***


-What to look for in a large format camera and lenses for the wet plate collodion process

-Types of plate holders, and modifications that can be made to plate holders

-Cameras we have used with the process, large format and otherwise

-Basic run down of setting up the camera and the camera’s features

-Chemistry for collodion , some ideas on different approaches to chemistry and where to source chemistry in Canada/USA

-Basic recommended safety equipment

-Darkroom/dark-box/ dark-tent ideas and requirements

Detailed demonstration of the process:

-pouring the collodion onto the plate and sensitizing the plate in the silver bath

-tips on keeping your chemistry in good working order

-setting up the shot, loading the plate in camera and making the exposure (we will be setting up some shots with a model)

-exposure times and light metering

-we will be using natural UV light for our exposures, but will briefly touch on options for artificial lighting/strobe lights

-troubleshooting and some problems that can occur

-tips on developing and fixing the plate

-protecting the plate, the varnishing process

-scanning tintypes into digital files


Rainika PhotoGraphik is the husband and wife team of Tekoa Predika and Michelle Rainey. Together they share a passion of all things analogue, photography being their craft. Combine this passion with their love of road trips and the darkroom trailer was born. Following in the tradition of travelling tintype photographers from the 1850's they created a completely contained and moblie darkroom from a Triple E Surf Side trailer. The trailer plays an important role in the creative process for Rainika, it also allows them to take the 'studio' to markets, events and private functions. Rainika PhotoGraphik is well seasoned at tintype parlours, having done many events, markets and festivals in and around Calgary, Alberta and Canada.

Rainika PhotoGraphik offers tintype parlours, workshops, pinhole parties, film and good old digital photography. Rainika is more than happy to customize your photo experience to capture the essence of your special event.


This event made possible by the following donors:

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