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SEITIES STUDIO Final Farewell Announcement

Thank you for your unique contributions and support over the years! We are so grateful for your presence & have inspired us to dream big, and we hope you keep dreaming and creating in all the ways you know how, and discover to... The world needs creation now more than ever.
Our online shop will be available until the beginning of April 2024, so please stock up on past publications while they last. No more publications will be printed and there are a limited amount available for international shipping...
After 12 Publications and many more events & engagements you have shaped our analogue photography community. We have made some unforgettable connections around the globe. SEE PAST EVENTS & MEMORIES


Kirsten is continuing to build community within the mental health field by running the private practice LARK & RAVEN WELLNESS which focuses on providing therapy for grief and end-of-life care.

Sanja is focusing on her art practice & curatorial practice, and will continuing to build community within the arts through arts education at CLICK CLUB, and her work as the Senior Curator of Visual & Media Arts at ARTS COMMONS


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