Feb 27th CLICK CLUB Tintype Talk with Rainika Photo Graphic

Thank you for attending a conversation afternoon with Tekoa Predika & Michelle Rainey to talk about Tintypes and Collodian processes. We had a wonderful experience where Tekoa and Michelle shared their photographic journey, shared their cameras, discussed the tintype/collodian process, provided a demo, and answered some amazing questions.

We hope that we can offer a workshop with Photo Graphik in the near future! So stay tuned.

We are also grateful for all your patience as we experienced some technical glitches where our Zoom link was being strange for some and not others. We hope that our future events this will not be a problem.



Rainika PhotoGraphik is the husband and wife team of Tekoa Predika and Michelle Rainey. Together they share a passion of all things analogue, photography being their craft. Combine this passion with their love of road trips and the darkroom trailer was born. Following in the tradition of travelling tintype photographers from the 1850's they created a completely contained and moblie darkroom from a Triple E Surf Side trailer. The trailer plays an important role in the creative process for Rainika, it also allows them to take the 'studio' to markets, events and private functions. Rainika PhotoGraphik is well seasoned at tintype parlours, having done many events, markets and festivals in and around Calgary, Alberta and Canada.

Rainika PhotoGraphik offers tintype parlours, workshops, pinhole parties, film and good old digital photography. Rainika is more than happy to customize your photo experience to capture the essence of your special event.

35mm Tintype Camera Demo