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Who We Are

SEITIES was founded in Calgary, Alberta and became a non-profit corporation in December 2012. Starting as a publication to support and encourage traditional photography, it has since become a gallery and looks to expand into education, community, and mentorship roles to keep the traditional process preserved for the next generations of contemporary artists.

We began as the creative trio of Sanja Lukac, Kirsten White and Francis A. Willey, and are now a small team of volunteers that work hard to bring traditional photography to the community and to build a community of artists across the globe using analog processes.

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CHAIR : William Lawrence
SECRETARY : Cathy Simone
TREASURER : Tasha Holness

Director at Large : Sanja Lukac
Director at Large : Jayden Fox

Director at Large : Rocio Graham 

Director at Large : Celina Vides
Director at Large (Fund Development) : TBD

Managing Director : Kirsten White

Executive Director: Sanja Lukac



SEITIES is a Non-profit Contemporary Photography Publication, Gallery, & Educational Organization. SEITIES aims to promote national and international artists by encouraging and supporting traditional methods of production in photography and giving an open platform to alternative analogue photographers who utilize traditional methods in their contemporary photography practices.

As a Reader Supported Publication, we are focused on giving an open platform to paper, plate + film photographers to submit work to be featured and published. All alternative and traditional methods in Photography are greatly welcomed here.

We publish bi-annually and bring together the traditionally made artworks for exhibition through SEITIES Gallery, and our community partners. By submitting to SEITIES Publication your work will be considered for Canadian Representation through the SEITIES Gallery.

{allow seities to share the world you see!}

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SEITIES est une publication Beaux Arts, indépendante et trimestrielle sur la photographie
en noir et blanc. Consacrée à donner une plateforme ouverte aux artistes photographes et réalisateurs,
SEITIES aspire à représenter des artistes internationaux et à encourager les méthodes traditionnelles
de la réalisation photographique.


to expose and support international and national artists who work with traditional methods of production in photography

to encourage a resurgence and revival of traditional photography as an art form through art collaborations, promotion, sales, workshops and educational opportunities.

to empower emerging artists and facilitate self expression through traditional photography practices


SEITIES aspire à exposer et à soutenir des artistes internationaux qui travaillent avec des méthodes de production photographique traditionnelles et a été créé pour encourager la réapparition de la photographie traditionnelle.

Car c’est une publication soutenue par les lecteurs, nous voulons donner une plate-forme aux photographes de papier, de plaque et de film pour qu’ils soumettent leur travail et soient représentés et publiés dans le magazine.

En soumettant au Magazine SEITIES, votre travail pourrait être le représentant canadien de la future galerie SEITIES.

{Permettez à SEITIES de partager le monde que vous voyez!}

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