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SEITIES Click Club Macabre FB Live Event

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

A Facebook Live Event that all are welcome to view!

Please join us on Facebook as we stream this live event on

OCTOBER 30th @ 630PM MDT (Mountain Time)

Sanja and Kirsten will be showcasing art that is available for purchase from the artists of the MACABRE publication. We may have some special guests pop in.

We will also be sharing an exclusive discount code for the Macabre publication throughout the event.

Come join us in some scary Halloween themed fun as we also chat about ghosts and ghouls. Our chat will be live as well so you can share in the fun. Spend some time with us for a short fun evening.

Facebook live will broadcast the video on our FB SEITIES page. You will be able to pop in and out as you please and access the chat. Please be mindful and respectful in the chat box.

Check out the MACABRE publication and get ready for your discount coupon during the event.

Sponsors: Calgary Arts Development & Rosza Foundation

TITLE IMAGE: Top left: Jack Germsheid “THE PRAIRIE EFFECT” PRINT FROM COLLODION NEGATIVE, Top Centre: HOPE KHAN, Beyond the Deep, paper negative,Top Right: CAITLYN SOLDAN, Thin Veils Vol II #2, mordançage, Center: JAIME ERIN JOHNSON “SPINE” TEA STAINED CYANOTYPE.,Centre top Left: GEORGE WEBBER, “JOSEPH PRIVE, FORGET, SAKACHEWAN, 1993 GELATIN SILVER PRINT. Centre Bottom LEft:Kristin Duff “Not All Who Wander are Lost” Gelatin SilvEr Print. Bottom Left: FRANCIS A. WILLEY,”THE SHRIEKING” Silver Gelatin Print Bottom Centre: Sara Silks ”friday’s american bar” platinum palladium Print. Bottom Right: Dean Chartier “Farm Noir”

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