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January 30th 2021 CLICK CLUB Pinhole Panel Discussion

Updated: Feb 27, 2021


This panelist discussion was focused on all things pinhole photography.


Dianne Bos:

Mohkinstis, Treaty 7 (Calgary, Alberta) 

Instagram: @dbosphoto

Dianne Bos' photographs have been exhibited internationally in numerous group and solo exhibitions since 1981. Her recent exhibition 'The Sleeping Green: No Man's Land 100 years later’ opened at the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris in April 2017 and travelled across Canada. Many of Bos’s recent exhibitions feature work made with handmade cameras, walk-in light installations, and sound pieces. These tools and devices formulate and extend her investigations of journeying, time, and the science of light. She has received many awards and grants. She now divides her time between the foothills of the Rockies and the Pyrénées.

Nicole Small:

Montreal, Quebec

Nicole Small is an artist and photographer located Montreal, Canada who specializes in fine art photography and the art of self-portraiture. She is an artist who works with vintage cameras in a variety of formats, creating traditional and non-traditional photographic works of art.

Nicole Small is an artist that is fascinated with creating instant, bold and direct visual connections. Exploration of the unusual, the unexpected and the non-mainstream are the generators behind her works of art through the use of historical photographic techniques alongside the dimensions of light and stillness in time. One of Nicole's DIY pinhole camera builds was published in a recent article that can be found here: (*the last entry on the page)

Hope Kahn:

Florida, USA

Hope Kahn has been a professional photographer for the last 25 years.

She has studied photography at University of the Arts in Philadelphia as well as workshops throughout the country. She has held her own lecturers and Pinhole workshops.

Hope has been utilizing and exploring alternative photography with a concentration on pinhole and plastic cameras. Her work can be found in many public and private collections, as well as in numerous print publications.

Nick Dvoracek:



When I was 11 my family moved from Indiana to Wisconsin. My mother gave me her pre-war box camera to take pictures of the friends I was leaving and of my new environment. A decade later when I worked in a university library, one employee benefit was a free course per semester. I took an evening photography class and got hooked. After graduate school in Audio-Visual Communications, my first job was as the AV department of a small liberal arts college. They also let me teach photography.

One year I was asked to choose the juror for the Student Art Show. It ended up being Ruth Thorne-Thomson, who’s pinhole work was being acquired for numerous major collections. She did a workshop that introduced me to pinhole photography and camera making.

At the beginning of the millennium, I taught several years of two week pinhole photography classes for late-elementary school children.

Since then, I’ve almost exclusively worked in pinhole using cameras I make myself out of cardboard. I’ve been producing my blog Pinholica since 2015.

I’ve been a member of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day coordinating team since 2004 and team coordinator since 2016.



Please consider submitting your own pinhole image to our latest competition. First image free and up to 6 images with a $15 donation.

Deadline March 15, 2021

Juror for this back cover image and feature is Hope Kahn (one of the above panelists)



Purchasing Pinhole Cameras:

Pinhole Blenders in Baltimore MD,

Podcasts and Blogs:

Defend the Darkroom podcast in Toronto Canada,

Martine Marie-Anne Chartrand

Developer and developing resources:

For eco friendly developer -

Exposure calculations: “Pinhole Assist App"

Pinhole Events and Education in Barcelona July 2021 for Dianne Bos' workshops in France

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Pinhole Camera Resources:

Pinhole Artists that were mentioned during in the chat:

Eric Renner

Ivonne Towerson in Oaxaca has a big project of mini peykas

Justin Quinnell

Brendan Barry

Bethany de Forest


Pinhole Journal (some back issues still available)



"Inspiring, informative, and now I have some new (to me) pinhole artists to follow!"
"I got several ideas of new directions of photography to explore by listening to the panelists presentations."
"Thank you for including Nick Dvoracek and Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day in your Click Club pinhole discussion. WPPD is a non-commercial endeavor whose purpose is to spread the pure joy and discovery of art and science inherent in pinhole photography. That was truly shined through today's discussion."
"I enjoyed the ZOOM meeting and getting information on Pinhole Photography. Got to meet and see some of the people that do this type of photography."
"If you're interested in learning about other photographers work, want to find out tips on all aspects of photography, or simply want to bathe in photo chat, then the Click Club Series event organized by Seities Studio is perfect for you. It's a safe, welcoming space, open to all and full of interesting and engaging conversations. Need I say more."
"Super inspired by all the amazing work shared by the panellists. Definitely wanting to give pinhole cameras a go for the first time! Thank you"
"I am very happy to say that this panel was very well organized and timed well. The content was inspiring and it is great to see so many people attend. It is good to know that there are many others keeping a historical process alive and well. And Seities is Canadian that is also great."

This event made possible by the following donors:



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