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Updated: Jul 25

We are developing the very best virtual community conversation night for you and don't want you to miss out on the registration announcement.

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We would also appreciate some feedback on your interests in analogue photography and if you have any discussion points you'd like to share and will take all your answers into consideration when developing these evenings.

Please note this is not a registration list, we will notify you of this date shorty.

Information about Community Conversation Nights that we know right now:

Join Sanja Lukac and Kirsten White as we come together as a photography community to talk about resiliency during this pandemic.

We hear you, and want to talk together about the impact that the pandemic has had on your art practices. How have you been adapting to this new world and are their ways we can help each other flourish as photographers during this difficult time? Kirsten will also be able to bring her knowledge about mental health and stress and we can discuss ways our community can foster resiliency. 

We will begin our virtual conversation with an update on SEITIES and upcoming programming, this introduction will be recorded. The remainder of the event will not be recorded. 

As we monitor the zoom community meeting, we encourage artists to respectfully ask questions and share some examples of resiliency. This community gathering is meant to be a safe place for everyone to discuss respectfully about the intended topic. We encourage all artists to participate in the discussion. 

Our Zoom chat will be about an hour and a half, but we have left some room to go longer should we need to. 

Registration will be open: TBD 

Members will have a chance for early registration.

Cost: Free *consider making a small donation*

This event is part of our virtual progamming made possible by the Rozsa Foundation and CADA. 

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