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DEC 1st CLICK CLUB Conversation with George Webber & RMB

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended our conversation evening with George Webber and his team at Rocky Mountain Books to discuss the recent release of George's SASKATCHEWAN BOOK, a collection of photographs by George Webber.

This event will included a Q&A at the end of their short presentation and discussion.


is a renowned documentary photographer whose previous collections with Rocky Mountain Books include Prairie GothicLast CallBadlands, and Alberta Book. He is the recipient of numerous National Magazine Awards (Canada), two Awards of Excellence from the Society for News Design (USA), and an International Documentary Photography Award (Korea). His images have been featured in American PhotoCanadian GeographicLenswork QuarterlyPhotolifeThe New York Times and Swerve magazine. In 1999 he was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in recognition of his contributions to the visual arts in Canada. George Webber lives in Calgary, Alberta.




SEITIES, George, RMB - Thank you for a fantastic Panel discussion! George is always inspirational, and so very generous with his knowledge & wisdom. It was great to go behind the scenes and meet the team of RMB. Thank you for sharing your expertise with us, and for encouraging those who aspire to publish photography books. Sanja - You are an amazing host, gracious and intelligent. Thank you for your insightful questions and elegant commentary. I look forward to many more informative and enjoyable future events!

The Seities team put together a high calibre panel of guests with a thoughtful and meaningful dialogue that was both informative and rewarding to me as a listener.

Thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with George Webber and RMB on George’s latest book- Saskatchewan Book. The pacing, the in-depth discussion on the photos and the positive energy of the event were amazing. Glad I attended before I opened Saskatchewan book as now I will be able to study the work knowing what went into making it. Thank you!

Sanja (SEITIES) did a great job bringing together staff at RMB and George Webber in a fun format mixing audience chat, interview, and discussion.

I loved the information that was shared on the creative process of putting together the Saskatchewan book.

The Saskatchewan Book event was very inspiring. The teamwork involved in the making of the book and the creative minds involved from RMB. The time, imagination and skill involved in George's making the photos. Sanja's interview style is fresh, positive and creative. Thank you for a great event!!


This event made possible by the following donors:

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