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The selected portfolio’s artist will be featured, interviewed, and will receive the Back Cover of the next Print Publication THEME:DREAMS.

*This is a separate submission from the Theme Dreams (which is open to ALL analogue processes including but not limited to wet plate, cyanotype, polaroid, and film)




One image submission is free!

Enter up to 6 images for a donation of $15 



Files should be min. 8 inches on the longest side at 300dpi and in each File Name please include:

 Full Name, Title and Exact Process Used

*as you wish to see it Published*

By submitting your work by mail or email you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions


“The photograph is but the bridge that provides the emotional and spiritual connection between the viewer and the art.” Hope Kahn  


I was born in the mid 1950’s, a time ripe for a child to explore the land before the great migration to suburban living. My mother introduced me to the earth. We took long walks around the lakes, as we explore the beauty, smelled the rich life of nature, and caught butterflies along the way.


Growing up in an area surrounded by woods my friends and I ran free to the pond in the forest.  I would bring a big pickle jar with holes that my father had punched in the top to collect tadpoles.  I would watch them morph into the most beautiful creatures and then release the frogs back to their muddy pond. When I heard our cow bell ringing it was only then, that I would make my way home.

To save the neighborhood rose bushes we had a contest to collect the destructive beetles and set them free in the thickets.  These are some of my treasured memories that brought me to explore photography.


My work has gone in many directions, but one constant is my connection to nature.  Bringing those memories of years ago forward in an interpretation of the past I create an image that I hope will resonate.


Pinhole allows a similar morphing like a tadpole to a frog, as it grows it takes on its own form into an unexpected result, its own entity.  The pinhole camera allows me the freedom to tap into my childlike imagination in anticipation of the unexpected.


Past Competition Winners/Jurors Include:

Kalua K. Krynska(Wet Plate) Juror Kristen Sink

Galina Kurlat (Polaroid) Juror Christopher R. Perez

Andrew Bolton(Film ) Juror Jefferson Hayman

Anne Barry (Historic Process ) Juror Ed Ross

James Wigger (Colour Process ) Juror ErintheArtist

Caitlyn Soldan (Pinhole) Juror SEITIES Board

Stephanie Slate (Cyanotype Competition) Juror Adam Finkleston

Zelko Nedic (Wet Plate Competition) Juror Jacqueline Roberts

Shesaidred (Polaroid Competition) Juror Agafia Polynchuk

Victoria Braun ( Film Process Competition) Juror George Webber

Amy Rockett-Todd (Historic Process Competition) Juror: Nadezda Nikolova-Kratzer

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